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Sep 27

Assistance Needed for Puerto Rican Broadcasters

Message from President John Lyons:

I have received a request from fellow AFCCE member David Layer who has been in contact with Jose Ribas, Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Broadcasters Association. They are desperately seeking assistance in getting Puerto Rican radio stations back on the air. With virtually all of Puerto Rico’s radio stations off the air, the population, those with electric power, are not able to get vital information at this time.  For an example, click on the link: to see what WKAQ 580 has been through.

David asks that if there are any members able to help to please contact him and he will put the member in touch with Jose Ribas.  David’s contact information is:

David H. Layer
Vice President, Advanced Engineering
National Association of Broadcasters
1771 N Street NW
Washington DC 20036
Phone 202 429 5339

Broadcasters as a community have always pulled together in trying times.  If you are able to help in Puerto Rico or in any of the other affected broadcast communities hit hard by Harvey, Irma, Jose or Maria, please reach out to your local broadcasting stations. They are all trying to either stay on the air or get back on the air and they provide the vital day to day information necessary to help the affected communities.

I vividly remember the help that poured into New York City from the broadcasters nationwide after 9/11 for which I personally will be forever thankful.

I thank you in advance for any help that you may be able to offer.

John M Lyons