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May 06

May 20 **VIRTUAL** Luncheon Meeting

AM Skywave Signal Research In Support of Carrier Synchronization

John Kean
Consulting Engineer
Cavell Mertz & Associates, Inc.
Topic Summary:

AM broadcasters with nighttime operation have the ability to synchronize their transmitter with a GPS frequency standard, which may improve reception quality by minimizing signal beats with other cochannel stations. The NRSC's AM Improvement Working Group is developing a hardware solution and hopes that stations will decide to upgrade. John Kean and Dave Hershberger, members of AIWG, are completing a model to determine the potential benefit of carrier synchronization for any station. Research for the model required computer analysis as well as core AM signal propagation data collected in 1934, which will be discussed. Audio samples prepared by computer simulation will be used in a listener test to finalize the model parameters. Samples of the skywave reception will be played for the members.

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