AFCCE News & Events
Jun 17

Halifax beckons; weather cooperates

The 2014 Annual Meeting of the Association promises to be a big success, with a beautiful venue, temperatures in line with the spring that it still is, and interesting topics to discuss.  Please come and help shape AFCCE policy and direction for the coming years, and enjoy the fellowship of other members of the AFCCE family in a pleasant atmosphere.

I am particularly looking forward to the Nautel tour, having been a satisfied Nautel customer following a station upgrade in my recent past.  Also the Halifax Harbor Ferry, as described in the “What to do in Halifax” email from Ben Evans, sounds like a great way to appreciate the city for a budget-minded traveler like me.

From a business perspective, I would like to ask that you attempt to make it to the business sessions and contribute to a couple topics I believe are important to our prosperity.  The first is a discussion of our scholarship process and potential ways to build up our program with the intention of choosing students who are very likely to become members of our corner of the telecommunications industry.  Also, it’s time that our program was endowed to insure stability and availability in the years to come.

I also want to discuss possible reform of our membership process, especially as it relates to our continuing classification of associate and full member grades, and see if that still makes sense in the current form.

There’s still time to decide to come to the Annual Meeting!  Don’t forget your passport!