FCC adopts TV white space NPRM

The following was written by Steve Crowley, PE, chairman of the AFCCE Rules and Standards Committee:

On September 30 the FCC adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking proposing, among other things, changes to Part 15 rules governing unlicensed operation in the TV band (TV white space), and new rules for operation in the duplex gap and guard bands of the forthcoming 600 MHz mobile band. The stated intent is to “allow for more robust service and efficient spectral use without increasing the risk of harmful interference to authorized users.”

The Notice can be found here: FCC-14-144A1   .

In addition to my role as AFCCE Secretary, I’m Chairman of its Rules and Standards Committee. I’m soliciting input from those who would like AFCCE to comment in this proceeding. If you have comments to suggest, please make them as comments to this post.

I’ll volunteer to serve as editor. Once views are expressed, I’ll work with those commenting to facilitate consensus and assemble the views into a draft filing. As a check, I propose to send the draft to the AFCCE Board of Directors for final approval.

The FCC comment deadline is 45 days after the date of publication of the Notice in the Federal Register. (Reply comment, 65 days). To facilitate a timely comment filing, please send any comments and proposed text by October 31, 2014. If there are any questions, please contact me at Secretary@afcce.org. Check back here for updates on this topic.

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