September 2018 Luncheon Meeting

Friday, September 21, 2018

ATSC3.0 Ready Slot Antenna Design Using Advanced Antenna Optimization Methods

Brandon George
Radio Frequency Systems (RFS)
Meriden, CT

Coaxial slot antennas are a favored design by U.S. broadcasters due to their low complexity and ability to be customized. Coaxial slot antennas currently designed and manufactured for the FCC repack should be designed with future ATSC3.0 operation in mind. Both elliptical polarization and heavy but smooth null fill are desirable for ATSC3.0. By utilizing heavy fill and elliptical polarization signal strengths can be increased in the near in coverage areas allowing better S/N ratios for data intensive applications in those areas. It is important in designing such an antenna, to ensure that the gain of the antenna is not decreased significantly compared to a traditional antenna. Design methods have been adopted that optimize the gain by minimizing radiation above the horizon.

A paper by Brandon George and Nick Wymant on this technique can be downloaded here:  ATSC3.0 Ready Slot Antenna Design

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