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Chris Horne
ComSpec Corporation
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I am an advocate for AM radio as demonstrated in my AFCCE presentation on AM Revitalization in 2014 . I am currently Program Manager at Comspec Corpration , a technical consulting firm offering support for cellular, broadcast and broadband operations. I perform both broadcast and wireless engineering services including RF Safety training, medium-wave site inspections, FCC compliance, and RF Risk Management. I have held several management positions in the wireless industry responsible for interference remediation, network and equipment design, site deployment and spectrum coordination. I am a licensed Professional Engineer in Florida, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Minnesota, a teaching instructor at East Carolina University, a member of the IEEE, Radio Club of America, as well as the AFCCE. Chris holds the extra class amateur radio license of W4CKH, a ham since 1982. I believe in education and scholarship as demonstrated by obtaining an MBA from East Carolina University and the PhD in Electrical Engineering (Thesis Topic: Radio over Fiber and Nonlinear mediums) from North Carolina A&T State University.
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