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    Keith Turcot

    The first part of my career working in radio and TV engineering I’ve found the support of the AFCCE and its members invaluable. Over the past decade or two I’ve been working on Public Safety LMR / P25 systems. These systems often including coverage guarantees that come with complex testing criteria and multi-million-dollar penalties. Getting it wrong can and often does result in law and fire first responders being unable to communicate when they most need to, to save lives. The language and technical details of radio coverage are not trivial and very frequently not understood. The pressure to get it engineered right is high. Engineering Consulting firms are often engaged with customer technical staff but unfortunately, because purchasing decisions are typically made by city, county, and state level politicians, good decisions are often not occurring. There is opportunity for the AFCCE organization and its members to help granting agencies, customers, vendors, and consulting engineers minimize risk and improve the art of LMR coverage design and testing.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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