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Feb 07

February 2021 Luncheon Meeting

Friday, February 19, 2021

Thermal Imaging using drone for Broadcast Engineering

Paul Shulins, President of Shulins’ Solutions

This talk will discuss the theory behind thermal imaging and the practical applications I have found useful to broadcasters by combining the advanced sensors to detect infrared electromagnetic radiation with UAS (drones). Recently this set of tools has begun to make possible the close inspection of broadcast transmission systems in ways that were not practical just a few years ago. By detecting undesired heat energy loss in these complex and sometimes inaccessible components, targeted remedies can be implemented efficiently to repair damage, or to prevent line or antenna deterioration from advancing.

Mr. Shulins is the former VP Technology at Burk Technology.  Prior to that he spent 29 years as the Director of Technical operations for Great Media's Boston cluster of 5 FM radio stations.  He has over 40 years in the broadcast industry designing multiple on-air program playback systems.  A member of the IEEE and former co-chair of the BTS Broadcast Symposium, author, presenter, and frequent contributor to Radio World.  Paul holds a BA with majors in physics, chemistry, and natural sciences.  An avid skier, astronomer, and holds a private pilot’s license.

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