AFCCE Annual Meeting wins praise from attendees

The 2014 Annual Meeting of the Association was a major success, assisted by mostly cooperative late spring Nova Scotia weather and a wonderfully comfortable venue–The Prince George Hotel, Halifax.  Members enjoyed a bus ride through the Atlantic Coast countryside to the Nautel transmitter plant, where they were treated to a no-holds barred plant tour and inspection. Continue reading

Welcome to the new website

Many thanks to the very talented Chris Ruggia of Vast Graphics, and Mike Rhodes (also very talented), for the help in bringing this new AFCCE website to cyberspace.  I hope that it will serve as a community-builder for a freer-flow of information between members, and as a forum for topics that are of importance to us all.

More Judd Art

To begin with, please find your member entry under the Membership Listing, confirm that the entry is correct, and customize the entry per your personal preference.  Add a photograph, indicate your professional interests, and post something that will help everyone know you better.

Thanks for your help,
David Snavely, AFCCE President