AFCCE Symposium explores AM enhancement

Over 50 members and guests attended the second annual AFCCE symposium on October 30 in Rosslyn, VA.
AFCCE member and Spectrum Velocity CTO Dr. Chris Horne, PE, spoke on the detrimental impact of noise sources on AM reception and called for stricter enforcement of noise regulations.
AFCCE member and Senior Director, Advanced Engineering at NAB, David Layer, spoke on methodology and results of field trials for all-digital iBiquity-standard AM across the country.
FCC Audio Division Senior Counsel Tom Nessinger shared some personal observations on FCC actions related to AM revitalization.
And AFCCE member and duTreil, Lundin and Rackley, Inc. partner Ron Rackley, PE, presented a historical view of AM antenna systems.
The group was also treated to a demonstration of an enhanced AM reception platform by AFCCE member and Kintronic Labs President Tom King.
For more information, see coverage of the seminar from the pages of Communications Daily here (AFCCE Seminar Comm Daily).