2015 Board of Directors

The results of the annual elections were announced over the weekend at the Annual Meeting.

The following Members were elected to a 4 year term:
Mark Felig & Bob Weller

The following Associate Members were elected to a 3 year term:
Ron Chase & John Lyons

The new AFCCE Board met on June 30 and the following slate of officers for the 2015-2016 term was elected:

President – Eric Wandel (Board term expires 2016)
Vice-president – Bob Weller (Board term expires 2019)
Secretary – David Layer (Board term expires 2017)
Treasurer – Ron Chase (Board term expires 2018)

Also on the AFCCE (and AFCCE Scholarship) Board for this term:

Marshall Cross (Board term expires 2018)
Steve Crowley (Board term expires 2018)
Ben Evans (Board term expires 2016)
Mark Fehlig (Board term expires 2019)
John Lyons (Board term expires 2018)